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Hybrid battery pack solution

  • In the beginning, your new hybrid vehicle's battery pack modules are well-balanced with Power. Over time, vehicle operating conditions cause the battery pack to deteriorate resulting in a loss of efficiency.
  • After some length of service, you will arrive at the stage where your battery pack modules begin to fail. Are you able to just replace those failed modules?
  • Well, the short answer is no.
  • This is because the hybrid battery pack modules have gone through a very different driving and load condition, charging and discharging cycles, with aging chemistry, increased internal resistance, other modules in the same aged battery pack would soon fail too.
  • Heat damage caused by completely shut vehicle under the sun, poor maintenance of hybrid battery cooling system, hard acceleration resulting in heavy current draw further depletes the capacity and life of the hybrid battery pack.

Do NOT shop for the cheapest & quickest fix out there for a failed hybrid battery

  • Some hybrid owners have the misconception of thinking that they can simply change and mix new and used hybrid battery pack modules together. As this may be seen as the cheapest option in the market available and may seem to offer a short term fix to their problems.
  • The team at Roma Automotive have came across cars that were poorly fitted with sub-standard, unsafe, non-genuine modules in the hybrid battery pack, not crash tested and with fire risk. This causes even more costly problems to the consumers who are eager to find a quick solution out there.
  • We urge consumers to exercise due diligence and be wary of those cheap fixes.
  • Call our consultant today. ( Advance Hybrid Electric Vehicle Diagnostic)
  • Office: 098206127 (Harini ) 0223650179 (Romal )
  • We provide you with the best solutions:
  • Quick Battery Replacement with Warranty
  • (1) 100% Brand New Genuine Toyota Hybrid Battery pack
  • (2) Re-Manufactured Hybrid Battery Pack at 50% of the Original Cost.
  • Re-manufactured battery packs are of factory standard with dedicated warranty, unlike what is being offered elsewhere.

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